Pools & Decks

Pools and patios are unforgiving and very slippery when wet. Slip and fall here and life altering injuries can happen. But you knew that.

What you need to know is that Never Slip Again treats “slippery when wet” and makes it a thing of the past.

It takes away your fears and anxiety too.

You know, that pit in your stomach especially when someone you love is horsing around and could slip and fall in an area that’s supposed to be fun. We take that pain away.

Never Slip Again treats your fun surfaces so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

We treat all pool, deck and patio surfaces to give you peace of mind.

We treat stone, concrete, wood or metal. Natural, sealed, or painted. Doesn’t matter, after we’ve treated your surface, it’s safer wet than it is dry now. And it still looks GREAT!

We raise the Wet Static Coefficient of Friction to a level that satisfies ADA and OSHA requirements.

This level of protection is available for both homes and businesses.

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