1Will Never Slip Again test my floor for Static Coefficient of Friction to let me know if my floor is already safe?
Every time. Residential or Commercial. We test then diagnose. We’ll even leave you a test certificate showing whether your floor is safe or unsafe.
2What is your charge to test my floor?
The first time is free residential or commercial. If you don’t use our service, which is okay, the next time we test we charge $299 for the certified test and results. If you are a commercial user and we treat your floors, we’ll come back every 6 months for 2 years to test and leave you with a test certificate for your files. That’s worth $1,196 per year.
3How much do you charge to give a quote?
Zip. Zero. Nada. Nothing. We know that big box stores are charging for measurements and quotes these days and then taking that off if you use their services. Never Slip Again has a different perspective. Our mission is to treat as many floors, tubs and showers as possible making as many family, friends and customers safe as we can.
4Are you expensive?
We are attractively priced. We keep our expenses down so we can save you money too. We don’t bust your budget. Our treatments are affordable. We even take credit cards and debit cards. Our goal is to protect as many people as we can, so we keep our prices in line. We do discount for cash. At any rate, we’re typically much less expensive than an emergency room visit, and we significantly reduce the need for one.
5Can you tell me how much it will cost over the phone or email?
No. Your hairstylist can’t give a haircut that way either. The cost depends on a few things. If we determine your surfaces need treated, we measure, make sure of the surface material and the proper treatment from our 21 proprietary treatments. Some treatments cost less than others.
6Will Never Slip Again treatments change my surface appearance?
In nearly every case, no. Our products are designed to make your surfaces less slippery, not less beautiful.
7How soon after your treatment can we use our floors and tubs?
It depends on the surface material. Some are immediate, some take up to 24 hours of curing.
8What about cleaning and maintenance?

Expect to spend less on cleaning materials and supplies. Expect to spend less time cleaning too.

When we treat your tub or shower, you won’t have to worry about gross things caught on the mat or sandpaper that some folks use.

Our tub/shower finish is stain resistant as well as slip resistant and your job of cleaning just got easier and faster.

As for flooring, same story. Stain resistant and easy to clean. We recommend using a pH neutral cleaner. They clean great and do not leave a film behind.

9What are some of the surfaces that Never Slip Again can treat?

We safely apply these proven Made in the USA products to:

  • Porcelain Tile, Quarry Tile, Terrazzo Tile ,Slate
  • Stone, Sealed Concrete, Flagstone, Cool Decking
  • Laminates, Engineered Hardwoods, Hardwoods, Metal
  • Bath, Tubs, Showers, Steps, Glazed Brick
  • Vinyl, Linoleum
10Can Never Slip Again treat my outdoor decking?

For sure. Lots of people are turning to composite decking for ease of maintenance and having a splinter free surface. We make those decks anti-slip.

We also treat wood decks. Best of all, your deck will have the same color and appearance when we’re done treating your deck leaving it beautiful and safe.

11Can my floor be treated with Never Slip Again anti-slip products?
As long as it isn’t carpet. Carpet is the only surface we don’t treat.
12What kinds of facilities does Never Slip Again treat?
Homes and businesses of all kinds. We even treat professional sports stadiums, restaurants, hospitals, assisted living centers, apartments, hotels and motels, public swimming pools, and more. You name it We even industrial sites and parking lots. We even paint handicapped surface signs in parking lots to prevent slipping on the paint.
13I have a business. Will Never Slip Again slip resistant services make me compliant with ADA and OSHA requirements?
Yes. Every area we treat will exceed the government’s requirements.
14I have a business. Will Never Slip Again slip resistant services get me a lower liability insurance premium?
It depends on your insurance company. Most will. If yours doesn’t you might want to shop around.
15I have a business. Will Never Slip Again slip resistant services get me a lower tax liability?
For most businesses, yes, in the form of a tax credit. It’s an incentive for you to make your business ADA and OSHA compliant. Your best bet is to consult your accountant for more specifics regarding your business.
16Can Never Slip Again floor traction products be installed on Non-Slip Tile?
Good question! Yes, and it should be. Here’s why. Most non-slip tile or flooring designated as such by factory standards are only non-slip when dry. Once they’re wet, the Coefficient of Friction (COF) changes dramatically leaving you or your customers subject to slip and fall injuries. And lawyers know it.
17Are Never Slip Again products safe for my family and pets?

Absolutely for both. We operate with your safety in mind. Afterall, that’s the point of our business. As for pets…Our 9-1/2 lb Shih-Tzu terrorist Scruffles, loves our treated floors. She doesn’t slip around anymore. Your pet won’t either.

Yes, pets can get injured from slips. My late-cocker spaniel, Spotty, yes Spotty, once slipped into our kitchen table and injured his back. It happens. Wish we had this product then. Now we can prevent it. And once the application is complete, it is harmless to you, your family and your pets.

18Where are Never Slip Again Products Made?
Right here in the USA. Creating jobs for Americans.
19How long does it take for Never Slip Again to treat my home or business?

That depends on how much area we’re treating and which treatments we need to use. We are fast and efficient as possible. It’s part of being professional, and frankly it keeps our mutual costs down.

Sometimes, in order to do the job right the first time, we need to take a little more time. And we always do the job right the first time, every time.

20Will Never Slip Again anti-slip services disrupt my home or business?
Not usually. We make every effort to keep your life and business running smoothly. We’re as fast as proper treatment will allow, efficient and above all courteous and considerate.
21Will I get a warranty? In writing?

Of course. We have the industry leading warranty for both home and commercial applications. Our standard commercial warranty is for 2 years from the date of application assuming the surface is maintained with approved cleaning products (inexpensive) and in accordance with our procedures. (easy)

Residential warranties are based on the same products and procedures, but are for 5 years from the date of application on most flooring and lifetime on tubs and showers.