Assisted Living Center

You've worried about it plenty. An elderly patient slips and falls on a wet surface. Suddenly you're in defense mode. Residents go into fear mode. Families go into attack mode.

But it doesn't have to happen.

Never Slip Again non-slip treatments makes slippery when wet a thing of the past. One less nightmare for you.

And it's something you can market. Would your clients rather have their parent in a non-slip facility or one where a slip and fall is still a major risk?

We treat your existing showers, floors, walkways, pools, kitchens, anywhere someone could slip and fall.

Cleaning is a breeze. Walking and bathing is safer for residents and employees alike. This is one worry we can remove from your bandwidth.

We treat all surfaces feet touch except for carpet. Best of all, in most instances, our treatment is invisible.

Feeling is believing...And best of all, we do it affordably with the best warranty in the business.

Never Slip Again. Call BEFORE THEY FALL! 801-866-7376.