About Never Slip Again

Never Slip Again was founded on the principle of helping others avoid life-altering injuries. Our highest priority is to prevent avoidable injuries from happening to your family, friends and customers.

Never Slip Again has 21 proprietary ant-slip treatments so we can treat your surfaces properly. Some are integrated, and yes some are coatings.

Coatings however, are not just epoxy with sand in it. This kind of treatment for non-slip purposes fails every time it’s tried. It has become both myth and legend. Don’t fall for it…or because of it.

We make slippery when wet a thing of the past. We have 21 proprietary treatments to make every surface your feet touch (except carpet) safer.

What can we treat? Concrete, stone, tile, aluminum, metals of all kind, showers, tubs, pool decks, patios, wooden or composite decks, boats, fiberglass, you name it…except for carpet of course.

Here’s the thing. We do it right the first time. And if you have a business, we do it with no or as little interruption as possible.

Once Never Slip Again treats your surface; Your surface will be safer wet after our treatment, than it was dry before our treatment.

It’s affordable too. Typically a lot less than an emergency room visit.

Our 21 proprietary non-slip treatments have been called high traction, floor traction, anti-slip, and non-slip. Don’t be fooled. As Shakespeare said, a rose by any other name is a rose. So what you call it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you call before you fall.

No one ever got car insurance after the accident and expected the insurance company to pay. You don’t close the barn door after the horse gets out. You’re self-reliant and responsible so you prevent problems before they arise.

As Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Life-altering injuries can be avoided. There are many injuries that are caused by slip and fall accidents. Some are simple and require minor treatment, but others are more dangerous. Broken bones. Cerebral Hemorrhages. Losing enough blood to go blind. Bleeding out after a fall in the shower. Traumatic Brain Injury and more. We’ve seen and heard it all. Life is never the same.

So, let’s prevent slippery when wet slip and fall accidents.

Never Slip Again will test your surface. Will determine your “Wet Static Coefficient of Friction” and when your surface is treated it will be well into the safe range.

You might be saying, “I haven’t had a slip and fall yet.” That’s true of any first time experience. The slip and fall experience is best avoided.

To see how your home or business can benefit, to find out what your slippery factor is, to get a quote based upon real need, call us. It’s free and you’ll have facts to make a decision.

Call Before You Fall. Never Slip Again. 801-866-7376